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MURDER FOR DUMMIES is a six episode dark comedy whodunnit, cunningly disguised as a true crime documentary.

Who killed the world's best loved ventriloquist?

Back in the nineties, ventriloquism was more popular than Princess Diana and the Spice Girls put together. 


...You remember that, right? Of course you do: it definitely happened.


When beloved ventriloquist Keith Flapp was found murdered in his West End theatre dressing room in 1999, it devastated the nation.


Today, a true crime documentary filmmaker tries to finally solve the mystery of who murdered Keith...


...but... does everyone she's interviewing have a motive for killing him?

And... has the killer returned to bump off anyone who might incriminate them before the documentary reveals their secrets?

(Yes - yes they have.)

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Meet The Interviewees

Audiences around the globe might have loved Keith Flapp, but the people who actually knew him feel very differently...

Could any of the interviewees have gone on to murder Keith? And how far might they go to stop their secrets coming out...?

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"Creative, strange, brilliantly performed stuff"
The Scotsman

"Leading the new wave of sketch comedy"
The Sunday Times

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Brighton Argus

Broadway Baby

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A Casual Violence Series.

CASUAL VIOLENCE are the UK's most physically attractive comedy troupe: David Arrondelle, Luke Booys, Greg Cranness, James Hamilton and Alex McCallum.  


After ten years of mild to medium success as a live act (enough to perform at major West End venues, sell out multiple Edinburgh Fringe runs, win several fringe comedy awards and star on BBC Radio 4; not enough to convince their parents that this was a good use of a decade) the group are now deep in post-production on their first six episode series - MURDER FOR DUMMIES, a comedy-horror murder mystery.

Led by James Hamilton as writer/creator, Casual Violence  have created and produced more than a dozen successful and award winning stage shows - including HOUSE OF NOSTRIL, SLOW FADE TO BLEAK, OM NOM NOMINOUS, CHOOSE DEATH and A KICK IN THE TEETH - for major theatre venues including the Soho Theatre, the Pleasance Courtyard, and the Lowry.


The group also starred on an award nominated episode of BBC Radio 4's SKETCHORAMA, and made acclaimed podcast sitcom series HECTOR VS THE FUTURE, followed by their mini-anthology series TALES OF CASUAL VIOLENCE.

MURDER FOR DUMMIES is their latest collaboration with director, editor and visual effects artist J.W. Roberts, who has regularly partnered with the group to create more than thirty short films and sketches since 2012.

For more about Casual Violence, visit our website.

The Detective, The Victim, The Experts

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The Writer & The Director

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